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Asesorías y Consultorías Alster SpA commits to respecting your privacy. You are not obliged to provide any personal information when checking our website. However, you can choose to contact us by filling out the form on this site’s “Contact” section. In this case, and to suitably answer you, we ask that you provide your name and e-mail address and expressly accept this privacy policy. In that event, we will use your information only to contact you and provide you with the information you have requested. We will not share your personal information to any third-party, except when required by the law. We also use your information to contact you to see whether you would like to receive information about our events, publications and other services that may be of interest. However, we will not add you to any of our mailing lists without your express consent. You can also register to receive our legal alerts in the News Alerts section available on our site.


A “cookie” is a small data file that can be stored on the hard disk of your computer or on a web server. These cookies do not recover the information stored on your hard disk and do not cause damage to your equipment or the files stored in it. You are not obliged to accept cookies and, in fact, you can modify your browser to not accept them.

We use cookies so that our website recognizes your preferred language, which is chosen from a previous visit to our site. We also follow up on our user’s surfing method through our web page, to evaluate and improve the site. We use this information to collect statistical data about the use of our website, but this information is used anonymously, and you cannot be identified by this.

When you visit our website, our server records your IP address along with the date, time and duration of your visit. An IP address is an assigned number, similar to a telephone number, which allows your computer to communicate through the Internet. We analyze this data to obtain statistical trends, and then we discard these.

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