Our purpose

At Alster we are passionate about transforming the legal market and how we need to adapt to the demands of current and future clients.

We believe that rethinking legal services is a duty, and we are motivated to give the best of ourselves to help make that change happen.

Focusing on the client, with talent, technology and processes, we believe that the way in which individuals and companies solve their legal needs can improve. 

Only in this way can we guarantee that services that are often uncertain, not very transparent, and complex, with innovation and global solutions can be a support for the progress and well-being of all. At Alster we think big, and we hope that those who choose us will do so too. 

Our Team

Talents are the center of our model. The design of the new dimension in corporate legal services requires creativity, passion, resilience, empathy and knowledge. Only a good team gather these competences and that is the reason why we select the best profesionals to join our company. Without a great team is impossible to disrupt and challenge the statu quo.

“We are a company designed for the present and the future, where global trends have been incorporated into an innovative business model that allows us to be agents of change. Thanks to those clients who have chosen us, Alster has developed a deep understanding of the legal market and has been able to identify the opportunities that exist to create innovative solutions.”

Andrés Jara

Managing Partner

Executive team

We are constantly challenging the statu quo; we believe in a new world of legal services where you can be a key player.

Andres Jara


Thomas Veszpremy

Legal Associate

Ricardo Mena


Yoletza Montilla

Legal Assistant

Isidora Rodríguez

Growth & Partnerships Director